Sabbatical - the period for rest and rejuvenation

What is Everday Sabbatical?

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed, or not sure where to from here?

Everyone needs a sabbatical, a break from the day to day grind and stress, unfortunately not everyone is in a position to take an extended period of absence. Let me show you how you can incorporate the benefits of a sabbatical into your everyday life, giving you that much needed breath of fresh air.

Peter speaking at the 2013 Manchester City charity golf day

I offer personal coaching and mentoring based on my experiences, not textbooks

My aim is to show everyone how to incorporate the benefits of a sabbatical  into your daily life, making more sense of it all. What if you could have the benefits of your dream sabbatical as part of your daily mindset. 

Whats more important? To take a sabbatical or have the benefits of the sabbatical?

Having taken two sabbaticals myself and spoken to several other people who have done the same, I am convinced the benefits and experiences of a sabbatical outweigh and outlive the sabbatical itself. These are the life changing practices that need to be incorporated into your everyday life.

About me and this program

Personal biography

My name is Peter, I am a 40+ father of two dynamic young boys, happily married and based in Germany. 

My life has taken me on many paths where I have led private companies with over 180 staff in 6 countries, to being the CEO of a stock exchange listed company valued upwards of nine figures. I have lived in 2 countries 12 000 kilometers apart, temporarily settled in several others and made Germany my home. 

In my life so far, I have taken two, three month sabbaticals which at the time were branded as "crazy ideas". However these periods opened the doors of my creativity, expanded my horizons and paved the way for life changing experiences in the periods that followed them. I have done it, and I can show you how.  

My mission is to show you how you can make the lifestyle changes only a sabbatical can deliver, but in your everyday life. The ultimate goal should still be to take your own sabbatical, but there is no reason not to improve your life from today.

Presenting the cheque to the charities we support

Presenting the cheque to the charities we support

More about my programs

Individual coaching and mentoring

I provide one on one coaching and mentoring as part of a personalized program aimed at adjusting and refreshing your current lifestyle to incorporate the benefits and thinking of a sabbatical. Using my "sabbatical hacks" you will fell the benefits from our first discussion.

In person or remote sessions

Are you ready for an intensive 5 - 7 day lifestyle shake up, or is it better to make these adjustments over a period of time. Each person is different in this regard and so is my approach. Intensive sessions are in person and remote sessions can often be done by phone or video calling

Management revitalization

Do you own or run a medium to large size business? Do you have a management team of up to 10 individuals? Then this program is for your company, it is an intense group session that takes place over several days with all key executives to breath new life into the company or specific projects

Speaking presentations

Feel the energy in the room as I take a large group of attendees through a journey of self discovery, finding the "ah ha" moment and then providing building blocks of change that will deliver instant results and for the playing field for long term life changing benefits

Post sabbatical adjustment

So you did it, you packed up and left on your dream sabbatical, your world has expanded beyond what you thought possible. But what happens when you get back and need to adjust to a "normal" life again? 

Pre sabbatical planning

So you have the time and are ready to make the most of your sabbatical, but whats next? How much should be planned, how much left to chance and how to escape the feeling that this is your one big chance to do this so you better get it right!

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